Ciudad Residencial, Toscamar
Jávea, (Alicante), Spain

on the Costa Blanca (the White Coast)

Jávea was once said to be, by the World Health Organisation, "environmentally almost perfect". Climatically it is extremely pleasant. Even in the winter, most days have several hours of warm sunshine. Its coastline is varied with cliffs, sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches, caves, coves and bays. Its countryside is abundant with vineyards, orange and almond orchards. It is presided over by the elephantine Mount Montgó, blissfully recumbent, his trunk stretching along the Plana which leads to the San Antonio lighthouse! If you stand in the centre of the flats at Ciudad Residencial, looking towards the restaurant you will see Montgo straight ahead. In fact its difficult to avoid him!

This development was built in the early 1970's. Most of the properties have been updated and modernised although some have retained the original traditional Spanish furniture. All have a balcony/patio/veranda, some of which have had the arches enclosed with glass doors and windows, making an extra all-weather room.

Ciudad Residential is a complex of 140 flats and bungalows in a garden setting. It is abundant with trees and flowers creating pleasant surroundings. The gardens are well kept and there is usually something in flower whatever the time of year. Within the complex is a restaurant, bar (live music on Saturday nights), children's play area, swimming pools, tennis courts, frontenis (a local game like squash) and with its entrance from the road, over the bar, is a supermarket, not very large but adequate for most needs. This is run by English people and the staff all are or speak English.

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